Manta Kids Pattaya

 What is Manta Kids?

Manta Kids is a swimming academy under Swim Australia. We teach babies from the age of 4 months to 12 years old by instructor team who are certified by the ASCTA (Australia Swimming Coach & Teacher Association). We use an applied curriculum course for babies and young children from Australia. Our educational program can build basic swimming and survival skills for babies and young children by using methods 

that stimulate the development of each child’s ability through fun activities in the water together with parents.  In addition, we also bring knowledge from the Survival Swimming course to teach children and parents the opportunity to learn about the safety of living with water.

Why Manta Kids?

There are questions what makes Manta Kids different from any other swimming school. There are some of many reasons.

Our curriculum came from a long-time experience of our instructor team. Our head coach is a former Thai national swimmer and all instructors are certified by the ASCTA (Australia Swimming Coach & Teacher Association). We believe we can build the fundamental swimming skill for your children.

We do not just teach how to have fun with water, but we also teach how to have  disciple and understanding when we are around with water.

We always emphasis that swimming is not only about jumping or diving into the water or even move just a little bit in the water, but swimming is all about technique in propulsion, buoyancy, breathing and confidence in water. With proper technique, we will pull and kick less but get more distance.  We hope to build all essential basic swimming skills for your kids.

We always provide all the best service for our students and parents. All our management team have to join the seminar and pass the examination from the Swim Australia Teacher of Babies & Toddlers

We extensive focus on Water Safety all the time. Our instructors and staff have to join and receive the certificate of the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and First Aid training every year.

Facility at Manta Kids Pattaya

Our swimming pool is an indoor saltwater system with Ultraviolet system. It has been specifically designed for children. We control the temperature at 31 -33 degree Celsius to suit children’s body temperature. Also, we regularly check the quality of our pool’s water in order to meet Thai regulations and to ensure that our pool is safe, clean and provide the best swimming experience for you and your child.

Manta Kids Pattaya Swimming Program

Our swimming program is emphasizing on basic and survival swimming skill for children.
We will stimulate the development for each kid through fun activities in the pool together with their parent. Both of parent and kid will understand correct basic swimming technique and how to do it as parent is the first and most important teacher for each kid.

Our program has been divided according to age and skill of each kids. We offer the following programs

IG Center Pattaya
Manta Kids

Manta Kids Pattaya Swimming Program

Manta Kids Pattaya Class

For kids 4-18 months
This program begins with learning the breath-holding and becoming used to the presence of water. The program supports the building of gross and fine motor skills and the development of diverse skills involving emotions, socialization and communication. With the greatly touch of parent, it is the great opportunity for the children to swim confidently with their first teacher and building the joy of water.

This program is created for kids between 4-18 months in the 30 minutes of each class. It includes many activities including practicing breath-holding, floating, balancing body, propulsion, submersion and mobility in the water. Also, the proper way for entering and exiting the pool and how to hold kids in and out of the pool.

For kids 4 months – 3.5 years old
The swirl program puts an emphasis on survival swimming and propulsion. With lessons being aimed toward physical development. This program encourages the kids to use basic swimming skill that they have practiced before to combine together for a complete swimming stroke. In 30 minutes of each class, the children will develop their skill along with the changing of their body and emotions in order to be able to survive in the water. Also, they will be prepared and build their confidence for the standard swimming lessons in the next program.
For kids aged 3.5 years – 12 years old
The Swim program teaches the formal or competitive swimming based on 5 strokes, Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Survival Backstroke. In 50 minutes of each class, we focus on making sure that kids are swimming with correct form of stroke similar to that of professional swimming athletes as well as teaching them about water safety. They will also be guided to build their stamina for a better swimming.


There are 4 terms in each year for our swimming program. Each term consists of 10 weeks plus the 11st week for a safety week which is about teaching safety with water to both of kid and parent. The class is 1 time per week.

Application fee is 2,000 baht and it is one time only.There is a welcome package for each program.


  • Splash – Manta Kids Bag + Manta Kids Nano Towel + Swimming Diaper
  • Swirl – Manta Kids Bag + Manta Kids Nano Towel + Swimming Diaper
  • Swim – Manta Kids Bag + Manta Kids Nano Towel + Zoggs Goggle

Splash & Swirl
Tuition Fee for quarter 7,500 baht

(10  times /term +1 Safety Week  and 1 time = 30 minute)

One parent per one kid and not more than 8 pairs in each class

Tuition Fee for quarter 9,900 baht

(10 times /term +1 Safety Week  and 1 time = 50 minute)

No need for parent and not more than 8 kids in each class

For more information

Call us to make an appointment for a free trial class.  Manta Kids Pattaya